Clue #1

Our alarm is ringing so now we’ll be bringing

All devotees this brand new brainteaser.

As the moon does wane, brave all sorts of terrain

And you’ll emerge our next crowned Caesar.


Fauna, flora, and numbers pandora

All ready to perplex your mind.

So round up your battalion to hunt for medallion

Memories jumble; Year 43? Make it your time.


“All sorts of terrain” referred to the varying scene that is found at Polar Lakes. To the south, is wetland and as one walks north, the scene becomes more like a prairie grassland. “Crowned” and “Caesar” vaguely pointed to Interstate 35E, which according to Google Maps, is referred to as the Monarch Highway. The terms “battalion,” “jumble,” and “43” also referred to Interstate 35E as it is also dedicated to the 34th Infantry (Red Bull) Division. “Fauna, flora, and numbers” hinted at the puzzles to come, which would have hunters identifying plants, birds, and counting objects in the park.