Clue #4

Plan your homer find by first looking behind

It really was one big curveball.

Were you here in full dress? We followed the press

Perhaps, in due time, you’ll recall.


Go yankee doodlin’ tonight — celebrate blue, red and white

The holiday fireworks display will be no baloney.

Socially distant our prize will stay — no accidental finds today

So stick a feather in that cap and call it macaroni.

Clue #3

You’ve heard ‘i before e’ since days elementary

Perhaps forethought advice for a new speller.

But for a lucrative token, sculpted rules are broken

So, risk taker: will you be the next Rockefeller? 


There once was a home where bison roam

They say the environ was quite laissez-faire.

With younger crew — seen in a front room of blue

Wilson would later be much worse for wear.


Clue #2

“Lumbago Barb” was said to be a snob

Possibly missing her empathy knob.

After RnR on her quay, she’d seek hilltop chalet

Scouting wood’s edge for a thingamabob. 


A house of the sun became a central one

When diplomacy was up for grapplin’.

But times do change and hands rearrange

From sceptres to solstice lights and applin’.


Clue #1

Sizzlin’ greetings we send (here at pandemic’s end?)

Velkommen to all Bears and faithful visitors alike!

Read all the rules about puck placement and tools

And your odds of winning will exponentially spike.


Wolves voracious and with clues, loquacious

Deserve the most expansive of affair.

Though it may be rough — and we don’t mean to be gruff: 

Leash yourself within good ole White Bear.


But, if in a peckish mood: gorge some food

On site, there’s plenty of room for all.

Hear music in the air; summer lovin’ everywhere

Day or night: you’re simply bound to have a ball! 

Visual Clue

Tonight, get yourself there — to Washington Square

Find Grainy Brain, our medallion creator’s booth.

Together, circles and squares reveal interesting pairs

This bonus visual may help reveal our truth.