Medallion Found

Attention Treasure Hunters! The medallion has been found. It was located underneath the leaf of a milkweed plant at Polar Lakes Park this evening. Information about the finders and explanation of clues will be posted later.


to the winning team!

Clue #10

Clue #10

Take the 11-4-7 to land a piece of heaven

Where metal is chaotically cockeyed.

Seek a companion boon for our cocoon

And carefully inspect each underside.



Final directions to our treasure trove.

Clue #9

Clue #9

We promise it’s no con so if you haven’t yet caught on, 

Polar Lakes is a place offering you utter pleasance.

Guide your feet from where three levels of government meet 

Past elm, raptor, and a historical presence.


Cage and stage will lead to regretful rage

So from that thinking you’d better wean.

So with all this combined you’ll surely find

Value in the spaces that lie between.



This clue places the medallion in the middle section of the park

away from the north soccer fields, the Town Hall,  batting cages, and the amphitheater stage. Hunters were told to look in a spot between these zones.

Clue #8

Designed to protect, it’s the 3.2 you should select
As it possesses a very precious gem.
Embrace ascension over concession
Clearly channel grass, leaf and stem.
Get yourself fenced in to truly begin
To grasp a small arbor of your quest.
Hate the hobble to find our bauble
Come to the commencing west.


The signage around the ballfields talks about the restoration of the area to make the current park we enjoy. One of them speaks to the 3.2 acres up the hill from that location designed to protect the wetlands. So, hunters were to ascend from this sign and the concession building and look among the plantlife.  The second stanza referred to the classic song Don’t Fence Me In by pulling in some lyrics. The “arbor” in the song is a cottonwood tree. A cottonwood tree was due west (as also mentioned in the clue) of the hiding spot.