Clue #7

It’s an uphill race to a pastoral space

But go and you’ll nosh on sour grapes.

So, what’s the cost to find what’s lost?

Just volley up a prayer while you traipse. 


Swimmers gayfully float while others boat

In the presence of island parad-ice.

Vanquish the frenzy, be the brunt of envy 

Merriment is our final asking price.

Clue #6

He once played taps and took pigskin snaps

Before shouting “Hooah!” and “Fore!”

From a parsonage she came –and took his name

And here we remember them forevermore.


To win dividends, nab seven friends 

Or more if they’re not too portly?

Take a load off your feet – all find a seat

Treasure’ll be found here shortly.

Clue #5

Wares mammary are not flimflammery

Locals will recall a name with ease. 

It’s later annexation by an affording nation

Well, to the winner goes the cheese.


Launch your feet to a bisecting street

That goes by another name.

Mind the curves, anchor your nerves

If you’re desperately seeking fame. 

Clue #4

A rock for sitting next to one for splitting

Could help sculpt you into our club champ.

Some to view, others for passing through

You’re sure to fall for the positive revamp.


While taking stock in a quest for rock

A literary castle may come to mind. 

First they’d saddle, then they’d paddle

Did beasts – or mosquitoes – spellbind? 

Clue #3

Brown and blue are new utile clues

…or, golly, is that actually black?

If cruisin’ town, you’ll see ‘em around

And know that you’re on track. 


If scoring six is in your bag of tricks

You’ll honor native trend-setters. 

Impervious here, but banned? Oh dear! 

It’d be hard to work with 25 letters.

Clue #2

One groovy jalopy shook fins with a crappie

A strangely unique act of human prediction.  

You oughta not overdo or you’ll fall right through

It’s a loathsome and scrofulous affliction.


You’re hot on the trail, hoping to prevail

A sign that the fireworks did ignite. 

‘No Trespassing’ we warn; a command now so worn

Yet, chums, be ever discerning – a’ight?