Clue #8

Problems are nary here on the prairie

Let purple clover frame your way.

Weeds show pride for the hometown side

Lu and white will never betray. 


So, without delay, let the otters play

And hobby where raptors fly.

From main path, 91 is the math

Step your way to break the tie. 


Clue #7

Howl like randu squared, for when compared

There are several lines there to absorb.

Hunt down your coat, clear out your throat

For when you behold the ruddy orb.


A pachyderm with ties to fruity pies

Into a crystal she would denture.

Beau of hog; friend of boy and dog

Now’s the time for adventure. 

Clue #6

For some fun, revisit the constitutional one

Here at the forest’s edge.

Within a short hike, there’s manoomin to strike

Our rules are honored — Scout’s pledge.


Be gay and bold, come pan for gold

No kvetching; there’s too much at stake.

For treasure to seize, listen to the breeze

And own the finest place at the lake. 

Clue #5

Six times eleven will allow your chances to leaven

May the code also remedy any dubiety. 

(re)New or repurpose? Shake up the service?    

Nein! They’ll punt it over  to society. 


Bullet, trigger, and a naked waiter figure

Into our dogged little tale.

With license to hunt, t’was a final bachelor stunt

Whiling away time on the joyful trails. 

Clue #4

Plan your homer find by first looking behind

It really was one big curveball.

Were you here in full dress? We followed the press

Perhaps, in due time, you’ll recall.


Go yankee doodlin’ tonight — celebrate blue, red and white

The holiday fireworks display will be no baloney.

Socially distant our prize will stay — no accidental finds today

So stick a feather in that cap and call it macaroni.

Clue #3

You’ve heard ‘i before e’ since days elementary

Perhaps forethought advice for a new speller.

But for a lucrative token, sculpted rules are broken

So, risk taker: will you be the next Rockefeller? 


There once was a home where bison roam

They say the environ was quite laissez-faire.

With younger crew — seen in a front room of blue

Wilson would later be much worse for wear.