If orange is the zone, accompanied by cone

That’s not the pad you seek.

For our officials, please – (we’re on our knees)

Lazybones: ditch garden tools; use simpler technique.


A rainbow connection and bridging connexion

Cleanse the palette and lend assistance.

Come by the park, keep low, and hark! 

107 here; a semi-easy cacophony in the distance. 


The opening stanza informed hunters that the medallion wouldn’t be hidden in any construction zones. At the time of the medallion’s hiding, the park playground was nearing completion but hadn’t yet been opened to the public. Yet, we wanted to pull clues from the new material (see second stanza)! The final part of the clue begged hunters to please use their hands or maybe even a stick from a dead tree to poke around for treasure. Garden tools are unnecessary and most public lands in the city/township contain native plantings or beautiful gardens. We cannot continue this event if the optics of our event is people going through them with garden tools. The second stanza referred to equipment within the new playground. “Rainbow connection” referenced a colorful xylophone and the playground contains bridges connecting different sections of the equipment together. “Keep low” and “107” referred to the 107 parking spaces in the lower parking lot at Polar Lakes Park. A loading dock can be seen to the east of the parking lot containing many, many wooden pallets (“palette”). In the distance – to the east – is interstate 35E. You likely noticed the noise (“cacophony”) and a couple of those lanes belong to the EZ pass (“semi-easy”) program.