By the third rhyme, it’s certainly time

To stop being such a square.

Play some six on six but when making your picks

Let nine by sixteen be your lucky pair. 


Seeking royal perfection? Forward’s the direction

In this beautiful game on recur.

From earthen heat to cold –a retrofit of the old 

For just under 60 you’re bound to say, “Brrrr!”


The first stanza made reference to the original township plat, which is shown on one of the historical placards near the historic Town Hall. When constructed, all townships were divided into 36 sections in a six by six configuration. They were also numbered. The treasure site is located on the very southern end of plat number nine – very close to the border with plat number 16. The second stanza referred to Pelé, one of the best soccer players to ever grace the field. Pelé died in December, 2o22. He played forward, was dubbed “The King” (“royal”), and very famously referred to soccer as “the beautiful game.” Many soccer fields can be found at Polar Lakes Park. Pelé is also known as the Hawaiian goddess of fire and volcanoes. But, we wanted to pivot to things much chillier. “Retrofit of the old” referred to the new A/C unit added to the historical town hall in the past year (visible from hiding spot), a billboard to the south advertising an A/C tune-up for $59 (“under 60”) and the cocklebur (“Brrr”) to which the medallion was carefully taped.