Enthusiasm will spark-y, if you find our park-y

And seek a different variety of prize.

Gather as you roam but before you get home

Of 55 dots we also strongly dogmatize.


Boot up your minions, warp to our dominion

And discover a strange, strange world.

Leash up your pet, elude the dragnet

Seek an object both porous and curled.


One feature of the new playground equipment is a game to help a dog (“dog”matize) named Sparky (“Spark-y”) locate six treasures before he returns to his doghouse. “Fitting quantity” connected this number of prizes to the clue number. “55 dots” referred to another feature of the playground that presents the numbers 1-10 along with their braille counterparts. If you add up all of the braille markings, you arrive at 55. The second stanza made mention of the four movies being shown at Polar Lakes this summer: Minions, Strange World, Super Pets, and Puss in Boots. The last line of the clue referred to our medallion, which was made of cork (“porous”) and curled up into a cocoon-like shape.