Don’t yell “Fore!” but 18 holes (and a door)

Reveal a feature quite finespun.

When it’s time to play, they’ll illuminate your way:

Upward of 40 – supporting a minus one.


And dearest John and Lena, from the original schema

They  spelled your sake so wrong.

Here you did pass and now fields of grass

Do taylor you a memorial so strong. 


The first clue pointed out the 18 holes that are seen directly above the main entrance to the Town Hall building. Also mentioned are the 40 individual lights that illuminate Field 1 of the baseball complex. Those venturing down to Field 1 may have noticed that the sign had slid sideways; now it looks like a minus sign, as stated in the clue. The second stanza named the families owning the land at the time of the image shown on the historical placard: Hammon and Taylor. Hammond Road is named for John (and Magdelena, but she went by Lena) Hammon but was, in the process, somehow misspelled. Both would die at their home in White Bear Lake and are now buried at Oakland Cemetery in St. Paul.