Peek a boo! And there: cell tower in view

For all bears to reflect upon  and consider.

On epic salsa dine;  where structures align

Mighty Hunters abbreviate to beat the Riddler


As toward treasure you tweedle, the avians tweet-le

But the songs do change over traveled terrain.

For a fun twist, perhaps a screenshot will assist?

As heard when moving from wet to plain. 


The first stanza, if decoded, brought you to the site. “Peek a boo” referred to the White Bear Lake water tower to the south of the site. The cell tower was seen to the east. “Reflect” pointed to the White Bear Township water tower to the northeast. We chose a spot where all could be seen (“where structures align”) . “Mighty Hunters” can be abbreviated to M.H. A small sign labeled M.H. was due west of the spot. Finally, “epic salsa” can be anagrammed to Asclepias — the scientific name for milkweeds. Those ornithologists among you likely noticed from our screenshot a selection of birds that like wetland habitats and others that prefer grassland —  with the star residents being the ospreys nesting on a light in the north soccer fields.