Medallion Hunt

Fun Facts

There’s bound to be some interesting facts over 40 years.

Did you know?

  1. Jack Moser, who helped Burnet Realty agents Jan Raphael and Sandy Espe Sorenson begin the event, wrote the clues for the Pioneer Press Treasure Hunt from 1975-1993.
  2. The medallion was never found in 1997; in fact, the large brass medallion disappeared altogether. A new plexiglass medallion was commissioned for 1998. Since 2019, hunters have been able to keep the medallion that they find.
  3. The earliest the medallion has been found was in 1994 with only 4 clues. The longest hunt was in 2004 at Bossard Park; it took all 12 clues.
  4. On average, it has taken eight out of the possible ten clues to find the medallion since 2000.
  5. Children have found or have been part of the finding team over 75% of the hunts, making this a truly family-friendly event.
  6. The medallion was supposed to be hidden at Lion’s Park in 2000 but the location was quickly changed when the clue writers were caught duct-taping the medallion to the bottom of a picnic bench.
  7. The 2012 medallion was hidden on the night of clue writer Chad O’Leary’s wedding; it was in his pocket during the ceremony and then he and Jan Holtz snuck out of the reception at Manitou Station to place it at the Depot.
  8. The most commonly searched landmark during the Treasure Hunt year-after-year is the War Memorial on Clark Avenue (but it was hidden there in 1985 so perhaps a good idea?).
  9. Over 95% of the time the medallion is hidden during the day. Are you keeping your eyes open?

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