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Medallion Hunt

A daily treasure hunt taking you on a journey through White Bear Lake, White Bear Township, or Birchwood.

Medallion Found!

Congratulations to Todd Pittman, winner of the Manitou Days medallion hunt, sponsored by Coldwell Banker realty. Todd found the medallion shortly after the eighth clue at Bald Eagle-Otter Lake Regional Park (Benson Prairie) and won $1000 for his discovery.

Thank you to everyone who participated and made this year a fun and successful event!

Explanation of Clues

Hiding of the Medallion

Medallion Hunt Rules

1. At no time should the property be damaged. The medallion is hidden in such a way where hunters will not need garden tools, will not need to swim, nor will need to engage in any activity that puts themselves or others in danger. The medallion will never be hidden in a way where ornamental plants or garden beds will need to be trampled upon.

2. Hunters are encouraged to politely help each other remember these simple rules so that our public spaces can remain safe and fun for all people who enjoy our public spaces.

3. Hunters can be assured that the medallion will not be hidden at the Fillebrown House, Tamarack Nature Center, or in any construction zone. The medallion will also not be hidden on school property.

4. Please also be mindful of others during this time of social distancing. The CDC has recommended six feet of distance between you and fellow hunters.

5. In the event that the medallion is not found within 24 hours of the release of the last clue, Coldwell Banker Realty and its co-sponsors reserve the right to end the hunt and donate the $1000 prize money to a local charity.

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History of the Medallion Hunt

The Manitou Days Medallion Hunt was created by Burnet Realty in 1980 and is the oldest continuous suburban treasure hunt in the Twin Cities Metro Area. The event was the brainchild of real estate agents Jan Rapheal and Sandy Espe Sorenson. They enlisted the help of Jack Moser, then clue writer for the St. Paul Winter Carnival Treasure Hunt. The reigns were passed to real estate agent Jan Holtz from 1995-2012, before they returned to Sandy Espe Sorenson in 2013. White Bear Lake native, Chad O’Leary, has written the clues since 1995.